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Ancient Egyptian ToolsTeaching the true history and mystery of Ancient Egypt!!
Starting out as a passion project Ancient Egyptian Tools was founded by Tyler Tolman, who wanted to recreate the tools of Ancient Egypt and bring them into the modern world for his own personal use. Soon learning that other people were interested as well, Tyler started sharing his knowledge and the "true history" of Ancient Egypt in a private group. 

Tyler studied under a member of the Egyptian Priesthood, and discovered there has been a lot of cover up in the modern day "Egyptology" and seeks to discover and reveal the truth about who the Ancient Egyptian really were.
Our Jewellery Line
Ancient Egyptian Tools began its own jewellery line, focusing mostly on recreating the Ankh (Key of Life) and some other protection and meaningful pieces such as the Eye of Horus, Snake eating its tail and the Infinity. We have even incorporated crystals into our ankhs, with the purpose of supporting the different energy centres of the body when wearing the different stones. 
 Tyler and Michele
Osireion, Egypt