You might be wondering or thinking.. "great, so you've identified a problem in the world" (The complete saturation of EMF, 5G, WIFI, SMART METER radiation in our everyday lives) AND "you've created this product" 5G & EMF protection clothing (basically a walking Faraday cage, actual stylish clothing embedded with special EMF shielding fabric)


Where's the proof? How do I know that this EMF protection clothing will actually do what you say it does? 

Well... Here is your answer..

We have recorded some of the tests that we have done.
See our videos below 👇👇


Need more proof about our EMF Protection clothing range? Check out this video for more of our testing! 



OK Great... but How do I know that your product is the best on the market?
What about other products on the market?

This graph shows the level of protection of our EMF protection clothing vs our competitors:

I am Empower'd Results


Still have questions about our EMF clothes or our EMF fabric?

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