Unicorn Dust
Unicorn Dust | Berry Blend | Tyler Tolman
Unicorn Dust
Unicorn Dust | Berry Blend | Tyler Tolman

Unicorn Dust

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OUR ORGANIC BERRY BLEND - Immunity boosting and skin glowing antioxidant, a fun and healthy addition to your daily smoothie or just add water!

Note: Best kept refrigerated.




TOLMAN HEALTH UNICORN DUST is a mixture of freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and beetroot. It is the perfect companion when wanting to get that berry goodness on the run or when you don't have access to the fresh stuff!

Labelled "Unicorn Dust" by our Tolman Health Kids, it's certainly a family favourite and great way of inspiring health throughout the whole home.


Because we use organic ingredients and do not add any additives or anti-caking components, the Unicorn Dust is naturally susceptible to caking, particularly when storage conditions exceed ~20degC, even for short periods of time.

Upon discussions with a bio chemist, we were advised the following:

First, and foremost, products that have clumped up are perfectly safe to consume. As with most natural fruit and vegetable powders, once exposed to air it will absorb any moisture present, thereby causing it to go hard. Particularly when the powder does not contain any anti-caking additives.

In the case of our Unicorn Dust, it’s the Beetroot Powder that is notorious for going hard in non-ideal conditions.

If this clumping occurs, break it up with a knife or by using a blender until it is back to its powder form. Once it has been broken up, it is best to keep it in the fridge to avoid any future clumping. 

Ultimately, our Unicorn Dust maintains it’s great taste and health-boosting goodness.

All our products are made with Organically sources produce where possible. If organic is not available, pesticide and GMO free ingredients are sourced!

Tolman Health Unicorn Dust is our Organic Berry Blend that is Berry Good ;) It tastes delicious and it is antioxidant rich.

The Tolman Method supports a Plant Based Diet and lifestyle. All of Tolman Health products are Vegan and made from plants and minerals.