Fasting Kit | Tyler Tolman
Tolman Health Fasting Kit
Fasting Kit | Tyler Tolman
Tolman Health Fasting Kit

Tyler Tolman's Fasting Kit

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Tyler Tolman's Fasting Kit includes: 1 x Colon Cleanse, 1 x Greens, 1 x Unicorn Dust, 1 x Charcoal, 1 x Salt of the Earth (350g), 1 x Enema Kit, 1 x Digestive Tea, 1 x Kidney Tea, 1 x Liver Tea, 1 x PH Strips. 

This kit will help you to set yourself up for your fast and to renew afterwards! 

For extended fasting we encourage you to be supported by a Tolman Health Coach.


All our products are made with Organically sources produce where possible. If organic is not available, pesticide and GMO free ingredients are sourced!

Based on the principles of the Tolman Method of Healing, Tyler Tolman created Tolman Health Products to assist with detoxing and cleaning out the digestive system!

The Tolman Method supports a Plant Based Diet and lifestyle. All of Tolman Health products are Vegan and made from plants and minerals.