PH Strips

PH Strips

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Use the pH strips to check your body’s levels of acidity. These pH test strips are a really easy way to check your pH at home to see how alkaline or acid your body is.


These pH test strips are a really easy way to check your pH at home to see how alkaline or acid your body is. An acidic body can be a sign of being unhealthy, and creates an environment more likely for dis-ease to manifest. When you eat a diet high in greens, fresh wholefoods and juices your body will typically become more alkaline. These test strips are perfect when you’re juice fasting or changing diet and would like to see how your body is changing in terms of its pH.

The first urine of the day is usually slightly more acidic than normal, therefore test the first & second urine of the day. (Please note, some people recommend not using the first urine of the day at all, we recommend to track both over time to see changes.

Step 1: To test, place the pH test strip in the urine stream (mid-stream) or carefully place the white end of the reaction strip into the specimen vial where you’ve collected your urine. Make sure that the absorbent patch (white end of the strip) is underneath the surface of the sample liquid. A 10 to 30 seconds dip into the sample is sufficient.

Step 2: Remove the end of the test strip from the reaction vial and within 10 minutes, a pink-colored band will appear at the top of the control region, indicating the reaction is completed.

Negative: Only one colored band appears on the control region. No colored band in the test region.
Positive: In addition to the control band, a distinct colored band also appears in the test region.
Invalid: If no bands appear, or test band appear without a control band, the test should be repeated using a new dipstick.S

The kits should be stored at temperature 4-28℃, the sealed pouch for the duration of the shelf life (24 months).

For in vitro diagnostic use only; Do not use after expiration date; Test device should remain sealed until use.