Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings
Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings
Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings
Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings
Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings
Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings

Kids Silver EMF Protection Leggings

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These leggings are designed as a relaxed style to protect your kids from the harmful effects of EMF, 5G, 4G, Wifi and Smart Meter Frequencies. 

We are not hiding the EMF protection material in this style, It's yours to show the world. 

You can protect your kids major organs when they are using things like iPads, Laptops and phones or just surrounded by WIFI, 5G or Smart Meter radiation.

The Silver material touches the skin on this style. Silver kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus's on contact.

Your order is made to order, Please allow 4-6 weeks for production time and shipping.

Kids Leggings 

5/6 61 22
7/8 63 24
9/10 65 26
11/12 67 28
13/14 69 30


How to Measure:

  • These are a stretchy style pant (Similar to tights)
  • Lay existing pants flat
  • Full Length: Measure from top of waist to bottom of pant leg
  • Half Waist: Measure from the 1 side of the waist to the other






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Our EMF Protection Clothing is made and shipped from Bali, Indonesia. Due to courier services used in your local countries, we are UNABLE TO SHIP TO PO BOX. (This is only for I am Empower'd EMF Protection Clothing product)

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+ EMF Protection Clothing
Guard against EMF, 5G, 4G, Wifi + Smart Meter Radiation

+ Protection on the move
Protect yourself whilst out and about

+ Remain Stylish
Choose from our hidden protection or full silver ranges of EMF Clothes

+ Maximum protection
Choose 1 or 2 layers of our 100% Silver EMF shielding fabric 

+ Anti viral + Anti Bacterial
99.9% Protection against viruses and bacteria with our silver material



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