Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

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Minerals are the foundation of many functions in the body, such as making enzymes and hormones. Minerals keep your bones strong and your muscles, brain & nerves working properly.




TOLMAN HEALTH SALT OF THE EARTH is a 3 salt blend designed to get the maximum benefit from your salt! We have combined these 3 salts because each contains minerals that are lacking in the standard diet.

Salt plays a vital role in balancing hydration and optimising nutritional uptake.

It's a must have travel accessory!

All our products are made with Organically sources produce where possible. If organic is not available, pesticide and GMO free ingredients are sourced!

Built on the foundations of the Tolman Method, Tolman health products are developed to increase hydration in the body and help digestion!

Tolman Health Salt of the Earth, helps to improve hydration in the entire body! Add a pinch of salt to your water each day it will help you uptake the water.